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2018 Update: Easier Methods to Withdraw Retirement Income

For the variety of 401(k), pensions and other retirement income, the government has given those in the retirement age and younger a greater ability to withdraw income from the retirement accounts than previously available. These changes are to increase the ease access and ensure a better life until the funds are fully available later

There are several different rules with the changes that need analysis by retirement plan sponsors and others involved in releasing retirement income to those that need it before the plan pays out. This is important for hardship options for distribution of funds. The planned change will have implementation in 2019 after the laws provide for the changes through Congress. While this does affect withdrawals, it will provide combined income into retirement packages such as 401(k) and retirement accounts or programs through employment.

Hardship Withdrawals

When a person faces financial hardship, he or she may find acquiring income is easier through the modifications provided by Congress. This ensures that there is an expansion of hardship distribution funding sources as well as allowing individuals to withdraw without the need to take a plan loan against the monies available through retirement accounts. This is the general rule when taking funds from 401(k), a loan from the income that accrues, and then the person will owe back to the program. Other requirements through contribution holdups such as the six-month suspension of funds after the withdrawal will no longer cause problems.

Implementation of the new Method

While the set date is 2019, any participant may encounter financial hardship or complications in economic means until then.

Access to any additional funds through investments, matching contributions to retirement income and non-elective contributions are all possible, but this accessible income only starts after the method updates the current retirement plans. The alterations do provide for a more simplified process that sponsors and recordkeepers feel is an upgrade to the previous system. Additionally, there may exists no track in earnings that is separate from any pre-tax contributed income for these programs.

This will ensure fewer problems for companies as well.

Other plans such as the safe harbor stipulation will have fewer disadvantages. Some of these have a connection with 401(k) programs, pensions and other retirement income. The changes may provide a different hardship withdrawal not currently available to those needing the money. With the modified plans, those participants that encounter hardship in economic matters have a less difficult time withdrawing the income. The lack of a loan with taking 401(k) funds provides more benefits for the participants in these plans. For one-time hardship events, there are fewer hurdles the individual must jump through.

Deferrals within Six Months

The changes to the retirement income will eliminate the rule that forces a person to lack any chance of deferring for the six-month period. The suspension is due to the one-time economic hardship the person faces in life. When he or she takes the money from the account, plan or program, the suspension usually starts. This affects sponsors, participants and recordkeepers of the plan alike. For sponsors, the suspension may prohibit the person or company from contributing or reinstating the plan during the six months. This lost time leads to lost income into the account.

Available Distributions

While the financial hardship is available through the change, there are other distributions available that first must provide funds. Most plans have a safe harbor stipulation that is necessary, and all other monetary distributions must make funds income accessible first. Through the Internal Revenue Service, the six-month suspension requirement will disappear. The IRS will also modify the hardship distribution rules along with any other needed modifications. This will bring the retirement income plans in line with budget act deviations. If safe harbor is not available with one plan, the participant may need to seek some other program that supplies income distribution without the suspension clauses until the new methods implement the withdrawal options.

Legal Implications of the Updated Methods

There are issues that exist with the IRS, retirement plans with an employer and the sponsors that provide contributions. With these complications, the individual may need to hire a lawyer to determine how to push through until the 2019 updates take effect. The legal representative may need to look into the plans further to ensure any withdrawals or contributions are both valid and provide the most benefits for the person seeking retirement income plans. Any violations of the rules by the employer or sponsor may lead to litigation.


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