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How Does a Novice Investor Distinguish Tell a Reliable Broker from a Fraudulent One?

Scour the websites of the regulatory bodies, they are not all the same, and find out which ones truly watch over the interests of the investors and which ones only practice lip-service when it comes to preventing fraudulent activities. Look for any guidance that the regulator may provide to help you choose a good broker and avoid the bad.

There may be blacklists of brokers that have been the subject of complaints as on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Make sure that the regulator you think your broker is operating under is, not only a sufficiently robust regulator but is the regulator for all parts of the broker’s operation. Often the novice investor is moved from one platform to another on the pretence of moving to a VIP platform which is either, not regulated at all or regulated by a body that does not offer adequate protection. A taxing regulator will demand transparency and apply vigorous admission criteria to any broker wishing to join the roll.

Vigilance will be applied throughout the time the broker is trading. Governments across the globe have made every effort to ensure that the management of financial markets is closely monitored and every step is taken to prevent frauds taking place.

Despite all these efforts fraudulent brokers appear to thrive in less regulated environments and the investor must be extremely wary of trusting an account manager’s unsupported advice. Also, be particularly cautious if your initial trading repeatedly produces unprecedented levels of profit in the initial stages before you have attempted to withdraw any of your profits.

The best way of trading at first, by way of a test, may be to make small trades and withdraw some of your money if your trading is successful. Never allow yourself to be pressured into handing over more money than you are comfortable with, even if it appears that your trading account is doing very well. Most fraudulent brokers operate on a hit and run model and will try to make as much as they can out of you as quickly as they can before they can be caught. Markets do go up and down with alarming regularity, trading that goes up and up should be looked on with suspicion. Caution is the watchword.

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